Three month milestone | Baby photography Atlanta

Hi friends!

I’m often asked about the window of opportunity for newborn photos. Ideally we should capture your baby within two weeks of arrival. Sometimes we can stretch this to 3-4 weeks.

But I frequently receive inquiries from babies who are 6-8 weeks. Truly still a newborn in everyone’s eyes! And I always have to gently explain that the sleepy, curled and wrapped images in my newborn portfolio rarely happen in this timeframe. Babies are much more alert, they tend to fight sleep and swaddle and they love to eat! Combine that with a still-strong startle reflex and the inability to make eye contact and you get a very different result in this window.

I always encourage these parents to wait for the three month milestone. We can still do some of the fun props and accessories from the newborn sessions – and the babies are so much more interactive. They make eye contact and I can often get sweet smiles by just offering one of my own.

They are truly sweet sessions and worth the extra wait. Ask me for some sample images as you think about scheduling this precious milestone! This sweetie is three months and full of personality!